Unbound curiosity at the Fells Forest Camp

A Fells Forest Camp camper keeps an eye on some nearby birds.

Over 500 campers explored the Fells this summer through unstructured, opportunistic nature-based learning at Friends of the Fells’ Fells Forest Camp. Traversing rocky trails and pine needle-strewn forest floors, counselors and campers learned the importance of our woods, how to minimize our impact, and how all the nature elements we encounter are connected.

“Enhancing children’s curiosity for nature, this camp is taking them out, engaging with hikes, wood, stones and mud, while observing wildlife and knowing how to behave respectfully,” said one camp family. “We (and they) loved it!”

This year’s camp season included eight one-week sessions for kids ages 4-12, as well as new two-week Science and Discovery sessions that focused on building campers’ nature knowledge of the Fells and local ecology.

Camp staff worked with children in self-guided explorations that encouraged natural curiosity and inquisitiveness. Campers learned to communicate with their groups and their counselors, and to respect the natural world.

“Our kids look forward to Fells Camp every summer,” said another camp family. “The child-led structure encourages discovery, curiosity and ultimately empowers them to be stewards of their surroundings. They come home excited to share stories and confidently show us the new trails they got to know. The counselors are positive and engaging and they foster teamwork and delight.”

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