Our Partnerships

Department of Conservation and Recreation
The state agency which takes care of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. We honor and appreciate the hard work that they do.

Earthwise Aware
Earthwise Aware (EwA)’s mission is to facilitate learning about natural systems, practice ecological ethics and sound science, and inspire environmental leadership.

In the Fells specifically, EwA documents scientifically the ecological health of its habitats, and involves communities through its biodiversity and climate participatory science program. Plants, insects, amphibians, habitat fragmentation monitoring, there’s something for everyone.

Interested in learning more about our partnership with EwA and how you can get involved? Find out more here.

Medford Family Network
The Medford Family Network (MFN) is a no-cost parenting education and family support organization that provides education and services to children, from prenatal to age eight.

Medford Boy Scouts Troop 416
For several years, Friends of the Fells and the Medford Boy Scouts Troop 416 have partnered on a variety of invasive plant removal projects and litter pick ups.

Fells Caucus
Established in March of 2021, the Fells Caucus engages elected officials whose districts fall within the influence area of the Fells, and also welcomes mayors and town managers of adjacent municipalities. The Caucus meets quarterly with FOF and DCR staff, receives briefings on current Fells issues, and discusses opportunities for advancing Fells priorities through legislative action. State Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Paul Donato co-lead the Caucus.