Our Vision & Impact

We envision a Middlesex Fells Reservation where nature and people thrive in harmony, supported by a diverse and caring community conserving it for future generations

A few highlights of our work in 2022 include:

  1. Kicking off a Be Kind! communications campaign to create a parks culture that welcomes everyone and encourages a sense of responsibility for the environmental health of the Fells.

  2. Accelerating advocacy efforts, resulting in the passage of the Public Lands Preservation Act, increased DCR funding, regulations that only allow electric bikes on improved pathways (thus restricting e-bikes from all trails in the Fells), and a push to establish patch reserves in the Fells.

  3. Expanding hiking programs with 230 free guided hikes, including educational walks and social hikes for women, LGBTQ+ communities, Babes in the Woods and Hike N Seek outings for families, and more.

  4. Piloting a new “Fells Kids” after-school nature program with the Stoneham Boys and Girls Club, providing middle-school students with fun, exploration, and nature learning in the Fells.

  5. Doubling our capacity to protect and enhance habitats and maintain the Fells trail system by hiring TerraCorps Land Stewardship Coordinator Ashley McCoy.

  6. Establishing the Fells Forest Camp Scholarship Fund, and expanding access to 14 families this summer.