Our Vision & Impact

We envision a Middlesex Fells Reservation where nature and people thrive in harmony, supported by a diverse and caring community conserving it for future generations

Here are some of our recent successes:

  1. We launched our 2021-2024 Action Plan, an ambitious effort to dramatically expand our work to protect habitats, build the next generation of stewards by introducing hundreds of kids to the Fells, and create a better visitor experience for everyone.

  2. With a $75,000 earmark secured by the Fells Caucus, we recently kicked off a major initiative, Inspiring a Culture of Care and Stewardship. We will use behavior-change communication strategies to improve visitor experiences and lead to measurable improvements in visitors’ care and stewardship of the Fells.

  3. We onboarded an AmeriCorps member who will work on field conservation projects in the Fells, doubling our ability to support the volunteers and service groups who help us restore habitats and maintain the Fells trail system.

  4. We’re greatly expanding our invasive plant management program with a new award from DCR’s Partnership Matching Grants program. The first year will include hiring a consulting firm to develop habitat restoration plans for three key habitat areas in the Fells.

  5. We offered eight weeks of safe, enriching camp programs this summer, providing more than 700 children with the benefits of nature learning and play. We look forward to offering another summer of camp in 2023.