Earthwise Aware

Dogbane leaf beetle. Photo by Claire O’Neill – Earthwise Aware

Earthwise Aware (EwA)

Earthwise Aware (EwA)’s mission is to facilitate learning about natural systems, practice ecological ethics and sound science, and inspire environmental leadership.

EwA at the Fells

EwA documents scientifically the ecological health of its habitats, and involves communities through its biodiversity and climate participatory science programs in the Fells. Plants, insects, amphibians, habitat fragmentation monitoring, there’s something for everyone. EwA works with individuals to collect important data that will help inform important decisions surrounding the Fells’ sustainability and management. 

Interested in volunteering with Earthwise Aware to help us collect data while enjoying the beautiful Fells environment? We are looking for volunteers to help us gather data on dog waste, visitor usage, rogue trails, plant species, insects, and more. Check out the initiatives below to learn how you can get involved:

Poop Patrol

Interested in helping us keep the Fells clean? Join the Poop Patrol to monitor biopollution in the form of dog waste. Dog waste is an environmental pollutant that contaminates water supplies and is hazardous to both wildlife and humans. Many dog owners dispose properly of their dog’s waste. Quite a few don’t as well, so how do we change that?

Fells Usage Monitoring

Do you frequently hike the Fells? Are you interested in an easy way to help the Fells while out for your walk? Join the Fells Usage Monitoring team! You’ll help us collect data on who uses the Fells so we can learn more about human impact on our forest.

  • Interested in joining the team? Register here.
  • Watch the recording of the Virtual Training here. Check out the slides here.
  • Reach out to Maddie Morgan at for information about upcoming field trainings.

Plant & Wildlife Monitoring

EwA’s projects cover everything from plant event timing monitoring; habitat and plant community assessments; pollinator and insect surveys; biodiversity monitoring and mapping; bird counting & activity monitoring; and vernal pool documentation and certification. Learn more here.

Check out EwA’s webpage here that details more ways you can help and get involved.

Fungi Forray with Larry Millman. Photo by Claire O’Neill – Earthwise Aware

Fells Reports & Digests

Curious to learn more about the great work EwA has done in the Fells so far? Check out some of EwA’s reports and digests below:

  • EwA released its first Fells Habitat Fragmentation Report, which provides a picture of human impacts on the Fells so that its recreational and aesthetic value can be properly balanced against the ecological needs of its many non-human residents. Read the report and learn more here.
  • Learn more about the arthropods found in Middlesex county and in the Fells through EwA’s Entomology Digest. EwA conducts weekly data collections that focus on arthropod occurrence, abundance, phenology plant association, and species interactions across multiple fixed sites. Check out the digest here.

EwA Nature Guides to the Fells

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at or