Winter Update to Our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel continues to be a source for engaging educational content related to the natural history of the Fells.

Over the past months, more members of our community have offered to share their expertise with us to create informative and entertaining videos for you!

Here are the newest updates to our growing video collection:

This month, we are pleased to present the “Rocking in the Middlesex Fells” series, featuring geologist and professor Jack Ridge of the Earth and Ocean Sciences Department at Tufts University.


To learn more about Prof. Ridge’s work, you can view details of his recent project “The Geology of the Middlesex Fells” at his websiteor read our recent blog post profiling this project here.

Many additional videos are available now on our channel, with more in the queue! To see all our videos, or to subscribe to our channel, click on the YouTube icon below.YouTube Channel Link

Special thanks to Board President Jeff Buxbaum for his continued curation of the YouTube page.

If you have an idea for video topic that you would like to share, or have any interest/experience in videography or video editing and would like to volunteer those skills, please contact us!