Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Psallidas

It seems appropriate that we use our media as a platform to tell you a bit more about volunteers who are behind the scenes when it comes to communications! Read on to learn more about newsletter editor Jennifer:

Name:  Jennifer Psallidas

Town:  Malden

Involved Since:  2017

Jennifer tells us:

Ever since I was a child, the woods have been my refuge. Growing up in the Maplewood area of Malden in the 70s and 80s was great. There was lots of undeveloped woodland in the hills behind my house. I would climb the mountain up on Neil St. and stare into the city, and there were many other areas to explore. I enjoyed getting lost along little brooks and trails. Playing all day in the woods and swamps around my house, I was never bored. I’m speaking of an area that is sadly gone now due to housing development that gradually took place over the years.

Today, living in Malden’s West End neighborhood, my street abuts the Fells directly. Finding my bliss is just a few steps away from my front door! Moving here brought me right back to the days of my youth and that freedom I felt exploring the woods near my home.

As a parent I feel incredibly grateful to be able to offer this same experience to my child, especially at a time when developers are looking to maximize every square inch of available land. Malden residents are fortunate to have this bounty set aside for the public. Having the Fells as part of our community and the ability to spend time in nature to unplug is important to human health and well-being!

Giving back as a volunteer means being a part of something that has given me so much pleasure and pride. I love the writing I do and everyone that works at FoF is so dedicated. I’m planning a yoga/hike combo event for some point during the year, so folks will definitely see me on the trails too.

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