Medford Mayor Burke Honors Ron Morin

At its September 23, 2019 School Committee Meeting at Medford City Hall, Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke presented an award to outgoing Friends of the Fells Executive Director Ron Morin in recognition of his outstanding service in support of 90mm meadow site in the Fells.



In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the City of Medford, Mayor Burke said: “The City of Medford is grateful to Mr. Ron Morin for his unfailing commitment to the preservation of the Middlesex Fells Reservation and for his immense contribution to the effort to protect against the development of the 90mm meadow, a 13-acre section of Lawrence Woods, for future generations.

The Medford School Committee recognizes Mr. Morin’s outstanding leadership as the Executive Director of the Friends of the Fells. By his own example Ron demonstrates how to enjoy and protect our natural resources and in turn our quality of life. Through his generosity of time and spirit, given to the citizens of Medford and the visitors of the Middlesex Fells Reservation, Ron teaches us to value and protect those resources which sustain and inspire us.”

Ron Morin:

I don’t think I could have done it without the Mayor, actually.  We organized the community, but the City of Medford really got behind us. In the signatures we raised on the petition we had signed, over 1,000 people signed it from Medford – that was significant.  When Mayor Burke got behind us that really was a tipping point. Her authority was what moved the Commissioner in our direction.  Thank you for the award, but I didn’t do it alone – I had a lot of good people helping me. Thank you.