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First Day Hike at the Fells with the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Photo by Gillian Lay.

Ask your local Massachusetts representatives to support the proposed $107.6 million for state parks.

Next year’s Massachusetts state budget (H.1) proposes investing $107.6 million investment in our state parks. These funds will go to the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for protection and improvement of our public parks, forests, campgrounds, beaches, and trails.

Help us remind the Legislature about the value of our shared outdoor spaces as the House and Senate respond to the Administration’s budget proposal and develop their own budget recommendations. Ask your local representative in both the House and Senate to retain or improve upon H.1’s $107.6 million for the 2810-0100 account.

Not sure who your local representatives are? Find out here.

Gray fox found struggling from effects of consuming rodenticides is released back into the Fells.

Urge your representatives to prohibit the rodenticides that kill wildlife

As people attempt to fight the increase of rats in our neighborhoods, the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) threatens pets and wildlife. These types of poisons unintentionally kill animals that eat rats, including a Bald Eagle last month in Arlington.

Help us save Bald Eagles, wildlife, and pets by speaking out against these poisons. Contact your representatives and encourage them to introduce laws to regulate the use of SGARs like “An Act relative to pesticides” (H.825 and S.487).

Not sure who your local representatives are? Find out here.

This Action Alert was written by FOF volunteer, Amanda Treat.

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