In Memory of Theordore Wright, Jr.

Ted Wright next to the Wright’s Tower plaque honoring Elizur Wright.


A guest post by Mike Ryan.

The Friends of the Fells has learned that in January Theodore Wright Jr., passed away in Albany, NY at the age of 94.

It was the Friends of the Fells great fortune to have known “Ted” over the past number of years.  During his family’s summer visits to Medford it was a joy to join them in the Fells to celebrate and honor Ted’s many connections to his great, great grandfather Elizur Wright, the founder of the Fells movement which led to the creation of the Middlesex Fells Reservation.

Past Friends of the Fells president Hue Holley and I kept in touch with Ted and his wife Susan to help arrange these summer meetings which would originate at Bellevue Pond.

In May of 2008 Ted spoke at a Wright’s Tower rededication ceremony celebrating completion of the restoration of the tower.


DCR Ranger Mike Nelson, Bryan Hamlin, and a Student Conservation Association volunteer talking with Ted at Bellevue Pond.


Ted and Susan Wright during their last visit to the Fells in 2019, with Ranger Meredith Eustis and Mike Ryan.

Read more about the Wright legacy in the Fells in this Melrose Free Press article from 2008:  A Monument to a Man’s Mission.


All images courtesy of Mike Ryan.