Volunteer Spotlight–Kayla, Kieran, Paulette, and Stephen Bell

So far, our Volunteer Spotlight has focused on individuals.  But we have many families who decide to volunteer together, too, so our format is a little different this time.  Volunteering together is a good way to have some family bonding time while also giving back to the community. Read about the Bells! Kayla won a youth recognition award from us this year. Sometimes they volunteer together as a group, and sometimes individually (and even when they come on their own it is pretty cool that the rest of the family can relate).  No matter the combination of Bells we get, we’re glad to have them!

Names: Kayla, Kieran, Paulette, and Stephen Bell

Town: Winchester

Involved Since: 2010

Kayla (sister): I am a current college student and I’ve been involved in Friends of Fells for a few years but we’ve been hiking in the Fells since we’ve lived here. As a family we volunteer at various town days and other Friends of the Fells booths.
I’ve also had involvement with Friends of the Fells through the Girl Scouts for my service project on invasives. I love to go hiking with my family or with my dogs but the best part of the Fells is that it is there for everyone to experience. 

Kieran (brother): I like hiking in the Fells in the winter because I can bring my skates. It’s fun to get out of my room and be outdoors. 

Paulette (mom): I think the Fells is a great resource and we are lucky to have it in our backyards. We volunteer because we appreciate how important the Fells is for the surrounding communities. My volunteering consists of shifts at events and booths, including set-up and clean-up. It’s come-as-you-can and something the whole family can be involved in. 

Stephen (dad): It’s a great place to walk with the family and dogs! And volunteering with Friends of the Fells helps me give a little back to protect the Fells Reservation.

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