Vote For A Cleaner Fells By Voting #YESon2

This November, Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to vote to update the 30-year-old statewide recycling program known as the Bottle Bill.  Expanding the nickel deposit on beverage containers to include bottled water, sports drinks, juice, and iced tea will help to ensure that more of those containers get recycled, and fewer of them end up as litter on our trails, on our streets, or in our water.  The Friends of the Fells wants to urge our members and supporters to vote YES on Question 2 because an updated Bottle Bill will take us one step closer to a litter-free Fells and a litter-free Massachusetts.

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Why we support an updated Bottle Bill

Over its 30-plus-year history, the Bottle Bill’s success really speaks for itself.  80% of containers covered by the existing Bottle Bill are redeemed and recycled, while only 23% of non-deposit containers are recycled.  That means that 77% of bottles for on-the-go beverages such as bottled water, sports drinks, tea, and juice end up in landfills, or even worse as litter.

Passing Question 2 would change that.  Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to say that we want to put an end to the unnecessary distinction between beverage containers based on what kind of drink happens to be in them.  Voting Yes on 2 would acknowledge that the Bottle Bill has been a runaway success, and would update it for a new a generation to include popular single-serving beverages that weren’t as common as 1983 as they are today.

Even better, Question 2 would reestablish the Clean Environment Fund.  Unclaimed deposits would earmarked to improve recycling, clean up parks, and fund other environmental projects.  So even if you never claim your deposits, voting Yes on 2 would give you an easy way to continuously support environmental conservation in Massachusetts.

What you can do

We encourage you to visit the YES on 2 Campaign to learn more about how updating the Bottle Bill can help Massachusetts and how you can help to support this important step toward a cleaner, litter-free environment.