Favorite Sunrise/Sunset Spots?

Many of you probably recognize the view in the photo above.  That is, of course, the view of the Boston skyline as seen from the cliffs near Wright’s Tower.  It was taken just the other day on a beautiful evening with a spectacular sunset.  Still, I walked away a little disappointed.  Without being able to actually climb Wright’s Tower, I felt like I was in the best spot to actually enjoy the setting sun.  Though I could capture the beautiful evening light on the city, I missed the real action off to the west.

There are so many great views in the Fells, and plenty of places to watch the sunrise or sunset.  Spot Pond is one of my favorites.  No matter where the sun is rising or setting, you can always position yourself somewhere around Spot Pond to get the best view.  Plus, the reflections in the water just add to the spectacular nature of a colorful sunset.  Here’s a photo of the sun setting behind Spot Pond.

Spot Pond Sunset

Sometimes it’s not about being in a place that has an amazing view.  Especially for a sunrise, just being any place in the Fells is a great experience.  Most of us get to experience some aspect of the sunset every day, but sunrise is special moment that takes some effort to enjoy.  It’s easy to enjoy that unique morning light, no matter where you find yourself.  Here’s shot from a sunrise hike around the Fells Reservoir a while back.

Purple Flowers, Purple SkyI know that many of you get to spend a lot more time out on the trails than I do, and I’m sure you’ve found some great spots that you find yourself going back to again and again to catch a sunrise or sunset.  I hope you’ll consider sharing those spots in the comments below, so others can find them and enjoy them as much as you have.

What are your favorite sunrise/sunset spots in the Fells?

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