Friends Chairman Bryan Hamlin Featured On WBUR

If you were listening to NPR’s “All things Considered” this past Thursday, you may have heard our chairman Bryan Hamlin discussing the changes that he has seen in the Fells as a result of climate change.  Bryan told WBUR:

Some species that don’t like it too warm have moved north. Other species are coming up from Connecticut. So that’s one thing we’re noticing,” he says. “The other thing that comes, because it’s climate change, not just warming: As we have seen in the last month, precipitation has increased, something like 10 percent in the last 30 years.” And meanwhile, the forest has matured. “So any plants that like it dark and damp, they have flourished.”

Bryan was interviewed along with Elizabeth Farnsworth, senior research ecologist with the New England Wild Flower Society.  In the photo above (by Carey Goldberg via WBUR), Bryan is talking with Farnsworth about the effects that climate change could have on the Fells and on the broader ecology of Massachusetts and New England.

You can read the whole article and listen to the audio at WBUR.