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Help Our Parks Get the Resources They Need – Contact Your Senator Today

Last month, we cheered the new Healey-Driscol Administration’s strong commitment to parks, demonstrated by their $107.6 million dollar allocation to the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) operations in its budget request (H.1).

Unfortunately, the Senate Ways and Means’ recently released budget set DCR’s operations allocation at $2.75 million less than the Administration’s allocation (to $104.9 million).

Senator Mike Rush, chair of the Legislative Parks Caucus, and Senator Becca Rausch, chair of the Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, have filed amendments 76 and 37, respectively, to increase the Senate Ways and Means’ proposed budget by $2.75 million, which would restore DCR’s operations allocation to the amount proposed by the Administration.

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Virginia Wood. Photo by Mike Ryan.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact your state senator today and encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor of amendments 76 and 37 and support the amendments on the Senate floor. The Senate will start its debate on Tuesday, May 23, so we encourage you to take action now. 

Not sure who your local representatives are? Find out here.

Also, please take a moment to thank Senator Rush and Senator Rausch for filing these amendments, which are critical to ensuring our state parks, including the Middlesex Fells, are properly resourced.

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