Presenting our NEW Logo

We are pleased to announce the completion of our brand re-design project!  After many months of work, our new “brand identity” updates the look of the Friends of the Fells’ content for the first time in our organization’s history.



For more than two decades, the Friends of the Fells communications have regularly featured the “Fells Fox” image (of unknown provenance).  Our new logo utilizes both 21st century style while better representing the primary identity of the Fells itself as “The People’s Forest,” incorporating the image of a tree as its central theme.

In the upcoming months, we will be integrating the new logo into our existing products and merchandise, and creating all new offerings to showcase the design.


Our sincere thanks to Blake, Paul, Megan, and all the designers at Proportion Design of Malden for their generosity, patience, communication, and the exceptional execution of our collaboration!