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One Fells

One Fells

A poem by Millard Ring

Some go fishing along our rocky shore

Some use a canoe to explore

Some enjoy a good long hike

Some like to ride their mountain bike

Some seek out feathered friends

Some go for a walk with mans best friend

Some come to view our history

Some seek out the mystery

Some run to train for a race

Some like to stroll at a slower pace

Some find a special place to meditate

Some find these surroundings rejuvenate

Where is this place you can always find us?

See for yourself, its one Fells that bind us

Middlesex Fells may be near your home

Or it may be a distant get away you like to roam

What ever the case may be

There is something for everyone to see

Its only a stones throw from Boston

A place in time to be lost in

If you still think it’s a pretty hard sell

Come by for a visit, and find your Fells

Friends of the Fells

The Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation is dedicated to the protection and harmonious use of the Fells; promoting awareness, policies and programs to honor and preserve the ecological, historical and recreational resources of this urban forest reservation.
Friends of the Fells


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