‘My Fells’ Project Submissions Update #2

Since the announcement of our ‘My Fells’ community expression project this past spring, members of the Fells family have shared their inspiring words, pictures, and videos with us.  In doing so, they have provided us with a way to “share our shared love for the Fells” with all of you, as well!

We are very appreciative of all the submissions that have been shared with us so far!  If you would like to share a ‘My Fells’ submission with us, here’s how:

Tell us how YOU experience the Fells!

In one minute or less, using whatever media you like, share your own version of My Fells with us.  Use photos, video, poetry, prose.  Post it to your choice of a YouTube or Vimeo account, Facebook page, blog, website, online photo album, Google Drive or Dropbox folder and send us a link.

Send your submission to myfells@fells.org.

Our next ‘My Fells’ submission comes from long-time member Shelby Meyerhoff.  Her project, entitled Zoomorphics, is a series of self-portraits inspired by the plants, animals, and natural features of the Fells.

Zoomorphic #25 (Rocks), 2019 by Shelby Meyerhoff


Zoomorphic #28 (Monarch butterfly), 2019 by Shelby Meyerhoff

Describing her project, Shelby states:

“I start by painting on my own body, to transform myself into a new creature: a blue-ringed octopus, an owl, or a monarch butterfly. Then, alone in my studio, I set my camera on the tripod and pose. Although it’s make-believe, it doesn’t feel like I’m pretending. The emotions of this new creature well up inside me. I let my body move in unexpected ways. I am expansive, and I do not constrain myself….”

To see much more of this project, visit Shelby’s site:


UPDATE:  Shelby’s Zoomorphics project can also be seen in person!  The Series is on display at the Griffin Museum’s WinCAM gallery through Wednesday, November 4th, 2020, at 32 Swanton St. in Winchester, MA. 

Next, we have a submission from photographer Kayla Johnson–  three landscapes that convey the vibrancy of the Fells in spring:

by Kayla Johnson (@kaylawanders photography)

by Kayla Johnson (@kaylawanders photography)

by Kayla Johnson (@kaylawanders photography)

More of Kayla’s Fells photos (along with an excellent set of hike recommendations and reviews) can be found at her website: