March Volunteer Spotlight

Anna Rudy has spent her entire life in Stoneham with her family, where she is a close drive from the Fells. After earning an Associates degree in Psychology from Middlesex Community College, Anna transferred to Salem State University where she is currently majoring in Biology.

Anna loved reading as a kid, especially the Magic Treehouse book series. This love of literature has stuck with her, as she is now pursuing a Professional Writing minor and wants to help make science concepts more accessible.

Anna has been volunteering with FOF since January 2023. She has helped tremendously with office work in addition to volunteering at invasive plant removals. She found this volunteer opportunity through social media after the pandemic. Anna says she “needed to get back outside and reconnect with nature.”

“Whenever I think of nature, comfort, or happiness, I think of Bellevue Pond,” Anna says about her favorite place in the Fells. Every Easter, her family visits Bellevue Pond and goes for a walk while they appreciate nature and the beginning of spring. Anna has numerous memories in the Fells and it is hard to pick a favorite, but one thing that she has always enjoyed is birding.

Anna’s love of birds developed from a young age after she saw a great blue heron fly overhead on a walk. “They are absolutely amazing, I still love great blue herons to this day. They are so majestic and goofy,” says Anna.

If you are interested in volunteering, Anna has some advice for you. “Volunteering can take all kinds of forms,” Anna says. “Ultimately, I think you shouldn’t let any preconceived ideas about what volunteering is prevent you from helping a cause that you love. There are so many different ways to help out. You just have to ask!”

Thank you, Anna, for all that you do for the Fells!

If you are interested in learning more and getting involved, please reach out to, complete the Volunteer Application, or keep an eye on our calendar here for upcoming volunteer events.