“How the movement to create the Middlesex Fells led to the creation of the Metropolitan Park System”

Elizur Wright – Visionary for the Fells (1804-1885)

Wright’s Tower

At the Friends of the Fells annual meeting on May 15, 2019, the slide presentation by Mike Ryan showed how in the late 1800’s a local group of visionaries was able to address a public health crisis and stop deforestation through organization, advocacy, and education, thereby assuring citizens the right to enjoy the healthy benefits of access to forests, rivers, and seashores.

Spot Pond Brook Falls

Over a 25-year period, working through the Appalachian Mountain Club, the movement for the Middlesex Fells Reservation led to the creation of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Park system.

Family at Overlook – Rock Circuit Trail

The success of this movement left us with a rich legacy of lessons which are as relevant today as they were then.

[Fells photos by Mike Ryan]