EwA Seeks Citizen Science Assistant

Citizen Science Assistant [2019 Internship Role Description]

Friends of the Fells partner Earthwise Aware (EwA) is looking for a community-minded and an eco-driven intern to learn about, and help our organization advance climate & wildlife citizen sciences in our communities as well as globally.  Citizen Science is about the engagement of the public in scientific research (without needing a PhD!) Citizens actively contribute to science with their intellectual effort or local knowledge. They provide experimental data for researchers, raise new questions, and co-create a new scientific culture. EwA’s citizen science programs focus on wildlife conservation and climate sciences, and include species surveys, seasonal studies of local fauna & flora, monitoring of birds, plants, pollinators, and wetland species. They are also a means to have the participants learn new skills, and connect deeply and ethically with Nature. They are engaging experiences, learning opportunities and it helps scientists: A win-win for all!

The Organization
EwA (www.earthwiseaware.org) is a young nature conservation nonprofit dedicated to the protection of the biological diversity of Life by restoring a positive human-to-Nature relationship.

How de we do that?

» We reconcile Environmental Attitude, Science & Behavior
» We cultivate Practical Ecological Literacy, Ethics & Leadership
» We connect People with Nature —via Outreach, Direct Experiences & Citizen Science

Internship > Climate & Wildlife Citizen Sciences & Ethics

Contribute to developing and implementing EwA’s citizen science programs, and assist us in our citizen science events. Depending on your background and pace of learning, our goal is to have you become an accomplished citizen scientist who is also comfortable in leading events, speaking in public seminars with us. With us, you’ll gain invaluable leadership and communication skills. You’ll experience all levels of nonprofit management and you’ll gain exposure to local and international organizations in our domain of expertise.

We work with our interns to set personal development goals and we periodically evaluate these goals.

First, we’ll train you so that you acquire essential/foundational knowledge about what citizen science is, about our projects, the tools, and the data platforms. You’ll learn about project protocols, how to gather data relevant to science and scientists. You’ll learn about methodology and analysis; about how to develop projects to answer scientific questions & fulfill conservation needs. You’ll learn how to implement those projects, and how to communicate them.

Any of our citizen science projects is paired with the development of etiquettes, guides, and/or protocols. You’ll participate actively in the development of those. In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to meet experts, challenge your knowledge and bring your own knowledge in. You’ll also experience the full process behind researching, developing and laying out such important outlines and recommendations.

We are excited to have you join a great cause, organization, and team! ⟶


● Fieldwork (at the study sites) collecting important information following the EwA Biodiversity study-specific
● Science data record on national and global platforms & services
● Assist our citizen science public events and lectures
● Collaborate on the development and the update of projects associated etiquettes, guides and nature lessons
● Draft research reports and summaries about community engagement with our citizen science projects & seminars
● Draft news and posts relating to citizen science and our studies

Other Responsibilities may include
● EwA website content development
● Project fundraising including tracking annual appeal responses and researching and drafting grant proposals.
● Working alongside Board of Directors to develop goals for the organization.

Qualification and skills
The citizen science assistant should be an independent thinker with strong work ethics, high attention for details, and a passion for environmental and community development. The candidates should have strong communication, speaking and writing skills. They should have the ability to prioritize simultaneous projects while remaining flexible.

Knowledge & Technical skills
● Foundational knowledge in ecology, conservation biology and/or environmental studies is preferable.
● Familiarity with the use of G Suite apps (Gmail, Doc, Spreadsheet, Forms, Groups, Slides, etc.)
● Familiarity with QGIS , Nature’s Notebook , iNaturalist , and similar data platforms is preferred but not required.

● Hours. The position hours are flexible, but we require a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for at least 12 weeks.
● Punctuality. Being punctual at events which you are assisting or co-leading is mandatory.
● Transportation. Content work (writing, revising, reviewing guides, etiquettes, lessons, protocols, reports) is done virtually. Fieldwork happens primarily at the Middlesex Fells Reservation (Medford, MA), the Fresh Pond Reservation (Cambridge, MA), the Mass Audubon Habitat (Belmont, MA), and other local public venues (libraries, community centers), most easily accessible by public transportation. We’ll also meet once a week at your university or at a public facility close by to discuss project status, organization news and personal goals.

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To apply please submit your application to Claire O’Neill at claire.oneill@earthwiseaware.org
✉ 50 Spring Street #A, Somerville, MA 02143 | ☏ 1 (617) 684-5204
Earthwise Aware ( www.earthwiseaware.org )


With You, We are Making the World
A Better Place for both People & Nature