April Volunteer Spotlight

Winchester High School Fells Club

Formed three years ago, the Winchester High School Fells Club gets students outside and exploring the Fells. Members can learn more about Fells ecology, meet new friends, volunteer, and spend valuable time in their local environment. With over seventy members on their email list, the Club gives students a chance to be involved at whatever level they would like.

The five Fells Club officers, Emma, Claire, Gaby, Penelope, and Maggie, have been with the Club since the beginning. Currently, the Club focuses on promoting environmental awareness in the Fells and around the town of Winchester. They work to protect the environment through invasive species removals, trash pick-ups, and local bottle collections.

The Club has consistently volunteered with Friends of the Fells (FOF) to complete a variety of projects. Club members removed the invasive garlic mustard in May 2022 and attended our open volunteer days to assist with additional invasive removal projects. At the Open House, students ran activity tables with arts and crafts, natural objects found in the Fells, and helped sell merchandise and inform guests about the variety of ways they can support the Fells. The Club continues to be involved with volunteer efforts and is planning to participate in invasive species removals and other Fells work days throughout the spring of this year.

Meet the officers!

Emma, the club’s president, hikes every weekend with her dad and enjoys the Rock Circuit Trail. Claire, the club’s social media chair and manager, has loved being in nature since she was in middle school when her parents took her on hikes to Wright’s Tower. Gaby, the initial founder of the Club and Fells Forest Camp counselor, is now learning about plant identification. Maggie, also a Fells Forest Camp counselor, has enjoyed being outdoors since she was a kid and now enjoys spending time out in the Fells with other members of the Club.

Thank you to the Winchester High School Fells Club for all that you do for your community and the Middlesex Fells! Check them out on Instagram to learn more.

If you are interested in volunteering with Friends of the Fells, visit our website and learn more.