25 Year Anniversary of Friends of the Fells and Beyond: A Letter from Jeff Buxbaum, FoF Board Chair

Calling all Volunteers!

We have lots of accomplishments to celebrate in this 25th year anniversary of the Friends of the Fells, and we are really excited about the potential that lies ahead.  Recognizing that our mission is “dedicated to the protection and harmonious use of the Fells”,  the Friends’ board recently developed a new strategic vision.  We welcome your thoughts and invite you to volunteer on one of the committees presently being formed to carry out this vision.


Strategic Direction

  • Stewardship, including education programs such as Students of the Fells, Forest Kindergarten, and Babes in the Woods, and hands-on conservation activities such as cleanups, construction projects, and our trail adopter program.
  • Advocacy, meaning vigilance related to development and other threats to the Fells, as well as forging alliances with organizations and individuals in line with our goals.

In order to succeed, we need to build a solid foundation that involves fundraising and development, staff management systems, and ongoing partnerships. The Board is forming the following committees to advance this vision:

  • Stewardship Committee: focus of this committee will be on education, onsite conservation, construction and restoration, and a trail adopter program.
  • Advocacy Committee: defense and alliances.
  • Organizational Sustainability Committee: fundraising and special events.

How much we can accomplish relies on participation from you, our members. We invite you to join one of these board committees to help shape the future of the Friends of the Fells.

Use the form linked here to:

Volunteer on a board committee.

Volunteer for one of our conservation programs.

Provide feedback on our strategic vision.


 2017 Accomplishments

I am constantly amazed by the variety and extent of the contributions made by Friends of the Fells members, volunteers and staff.  Each monthly newsletter brings news of the impact of our organization.  Here are some highlights:

  • Babes in the Woods takes walks every week all year long with parents, caregivers and their children three years old and younger.
  • Hike ‘n Seek takes place every week from May through October with families and their 4 to 8 year old children.
  • Forest Kindergarten, Forest Explorers and Forest Adventurers serves nearly 300 children ages 4-10.
  • Adult-oriented hikes and outings engages about 1,000 individuals each year.
  • Volunteer conservation events and programs engage over 500 individuals every year.
  • The Students of the Fells program engages 80 students from Medford, Melrose and Malden High Schools in programs throughout the year. Conserving the unique resource of the Fells by being vigilant about development and other threats and building relationships with partners with common goals


Working together, we can all contribute to the continued health and well being of the Fells and the surrounding communities!


Jeff Buxbaum, Friends of Fells Chair

Jeff Buxbaum, Friends of Fells Chair