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Your help is needed!

Your help is needed!

Tell your state government to protect the Fells, Historic Parkways and our communities. Fifteen years into a series of challenges by the Friends of the Fells and others to an outsized proposed development project surrounded by the Fells, we’re all still waiting for completion of MEPA environmental review of the traffic impacts of the Langwood Commons project.

Your help is needed! We are urging you to write a letter to EOEEA Secretary Matthew Beaton supporting the call for him to reinstate MEPA jurisdiction and ensure that before it is built the Langwood Commons developers propose a smaller project with a level of traffic that will not harm the Fells’ historic parkways.

You may refer to key points below as you write your letter.
The current scale of the project on Stoneham’s Woodland Road near Spot Pond would require an increase of 4,500 new daily traffic trips leading to severe traffic congestion and safety problems on Fells parkways.
The Friends of the Fells has filed a formal request with the Secretary of Environmental Affairs to issue an Advisory Opinion under MEPA that will restore the requirement by prior administrations to enforce the completion of an environmental review of the traffic impacts that would be caused by the project.
We’re asking the agency to require the same scrutiny of the project as it did under two prior administrations.

We want Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration to make its own judgment about these important issues, instead of consenting to a misguided decision made near the end of the prior administration.

Last month we filed opposition to the impacts of this project at the Massachusetts Appeals Court, but we need more voices to implore the Environmental Affairs Secretary to examine this harmful project.

Please write a letter to Secretary Matthew Beaton telling him that MEPA environmental review of the Langwood Commons project must be completed before any construction begins in order to prevent excessive traffic from causing unacceptable impacts to the Fells.

We’ve come up with some “talking points” to help you with a letter.
Key points: Request for Advisory Opinion Langwood Commons Project
• The Environmental Affairs Secretary must restore MEPA environmental jurisdiction to prevent damage to the Fells from the Langwood Commons project
• Langwood Commons’ 4,500 additional daily traffic trips will create traffic congestion and safety problems that would overwhelm the Fells, its Historic Parkways, and neighboring communities
• Historic features of the parkways would be destroyed to accommodate so much additional traffic
• It is unthinkable and against MEPA Policy to allow the developers’ large scale project to force extensive and harmful parkway changes, with or without using taxpayer funds
• The developers must complete MEPA’s environmental review process by presenting plans for a smaller project with less traffic that will not require harmful alterations to protected parkways
• Urge the Secretary to allow a public comment period on the Request for Advisory Opinion

Send your letters to:
Secretary Matthew A. Beaton
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston, MA 02114
Or email your letter to:
Thank you!

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  1. John Surette

    I am working on a video of the Middlesex Fells. I started in April and have been to all sections of the reservation. I would like to interview someone to tell the viewers what the friends of the Fells is all about.
    I am a member of Reading Community TV but am planning to distribute the video to towns surrounding the Fells.

    Thank you,
    John Surette

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