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Volunteer Spotlight–Stephanie Leonard

Volunteer Spotlight–Stephanie Leonard

Name: Stephanie Leonard

Town:   Medford

Profession: Retired Systems Analyst

Involved Since: 2006


“My childhood was spent outdoors in the Berkshires. So when I retired from my cubicle in Boston, I decided to return to my roots and use some of my new-found time to volunteer for the Friends. I’d lived on Elm Street in Medford for years, but had just recently been introduced to the Fells by my new friend, Karen Johnson, who I’d met at a Friends meeting.

Wanting to spend more time in the woods, I first signed up to do trail maintenance. But I soon decided my old hip was more suited to (sigh) desk work. So I met Hue Holley at the Friends office — then in the Botume House garage — where he taught me how to run the monthly jobs he’d developed to produce ‘thank you’ and ‘please renew’ letters and labels. I was just familiar enough with the database software to appreciate the complexity of his work, but not confident enough to keep from calling him fairly regularly with worries and questions.

Now I still carry Hue’s number, but never use it. Cherylanne runs the jobs in advance and lets us all know how many letters and labels will be produced. When I get to our decidedly upgraded office at the Beebe Estate, I just re-run the pre-set-up jobs to produce the expected number of letters and labels, which I then bring home to assemble, along with pre-counted envelopes, cards, and stamps.

So, still thanks to Hue, and now to Cherylanne, my long-time volunteer job has become a snap. And Karen and I still hike most of the Fells trails in most seasons, usually accompanied by a dog she’s walking for a friend, and often by another newbie she’s introducing to our precious Middlesex Fells Reservation.”
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We have a lot of work to do out there in the woods, but as you can see, there is plenty to do behind the scenes, as well.  Would you also like to to assist our fantastic office manager Cherylanne?  Or do you have computer/technology/website skills you are willing to share with us?
Here’s the link: Click here to let us know how you can help.

Photo credit: Karen Johnson


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