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Volunteer Spotlight–Jeff Buxbaum

Volunteer Spotlight–Jeff Buxbaum

Name:  Jeff Buxbaum

Town: Medford

Profession: Urban Planner specializing in transportation issues

Involved Since: 2015

Jeff tells us:
“I moved to Medford in 2009 and discovered the Fells soon after.  I’ve enjoyed hiking with and without our dog several times a week ever since, and in the winter by ski and snowshoe.  I finally woke up to the idea that the park didn’t take care of itself so this past spring I volunteered to be a trail adopter.  It turns out that my usual trails were already adopted, but that the trails in Lawrence Woods east of Rams Head Road were in need of attention, and very close to my house. Friends of the Fells Chairman Rich Sanford and I did some initial reconnaissance and maintenance, and then I’ve been out a few times with shears and a small saw to keep the trail clear in accord with the trail adopters manual.  I also directed a large group that wanted to do a cleanup to honor the memory of a loved one, and another individual who needed to do eight hours of trail work to qualify for a ultra marathon.  I’ve also just started to bend down and pick up trash when I see it when using the trails.  Being a trail adopter is not a big time commitment, but it does provide a little feeling that the Fells is a resource that belongs to all of us, and if everyone pitched in just a bit, we can keep it in good shape.”

 What kinds of questions would you like us to ask our Spotlighters?  Do you have any nominations for future volunteers to feature?  Comment here, or email or message us on our Facebook feed.  Would you like to get more involved yourself?  Here’s the link:  Click here to let us know how you can help. If you find yourself intrigued by Jeff’s type of role specifically, here is the trail adopter application, or you can sign up for our National Public Lands Day event on September 26th.  We can’t wait to see you out there!


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