Volunteer Spotlight–Diana Lomakin

Name:  Diana Lomakin

Town: Cambridge

Profession: Font designer

Involved Since: 2015

Diana tells us:

I have vivid memories of scrambling up to the top of Mount Monadnock when I was very young. My love of hiking has always been present, but it’s only been the last few years that I’ve made an effort to do it regularly. My husband and I typically go to the White Mountains once a month. We are very fortunate that a park as big as the Fells is so close, and have been going there for years, whenever we’re in the mood for a day hike. 

Recently, I went through a reflective phase, and realized that I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life. Thinking about how much I loved nature as a kid, and how I much have always valued the environment and sustainability, I decided to join the Fells as a member. I took a guided hike with Boot Boutwell, and was totally inspired by his enthusiasm. Next, I signed up as a volunteer, feeling I was on the right path (no pun intended).

I love exploring, finding the beauty in details, and learning about the forest. I feel so happy and free when I’m in the Fells, and I hope that I can help others to feel that same joy. If people experience why parks are so magnificent, maybe they will be inspired to live in better harmony with nature. 

The last few months, I have been assisting on the Babes in the Woods Hike. It’s been great catching moments with my camera: parents and their children sharing smiles, identifying animal tracks, and finding fascinating plant life. I’ve also been helping with the website, and am aiming to do more. Everything I do for the Friends of the Fells makes me feel like I’m making a difference, and for something that genuinely matters to me. 

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