Volunteer Spotlight–BSCES Younger Members Group

Name:  BSCES Younger Members Group

Town: Boston area

Profession:  Civil, Structural, and Geotechnical Engineer

Involved Since:  2016

They tell us:

About a dozen members of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Younger Members Group enjoyed clearing the area near the Botume House during this year’s Annual Spring Clean-Up. They removed glossy buckthorn in order to help the growth of native plant species.

Group member David McVeety explained that he loves the various landscapes of the Fells. “Whether I am running, hiking, or lazing around, being in the Fells always seems to spur reflection. I return to my daily life in Boston inspired and happier.”

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BSCES Younger Members Group also occasionally sends a representative to to DCR Operations meetings to help brainstorm future projects.  Their specialized knowledge and skills come in very handy in park spaces!   If you find yourself intrigued by this group’s role specifically, reach out to us to set up a service field trip, propose a project idea, consider becoming a Trail Adopter, or stay tuned for our next large-scale drop-in event for National Public Lands Day in the fall.