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Top Ten Reasons to Get a Friends of the Fells Membership

Top Ten Reasons to Get a Friends of the Fells Membership

Behold my 6-year-old at Whip Hill saying, “PLEASE get a membership?”

Okay, Okay, I know I’m preaching to the choir here.  Every Friends of the Fells follower and blog reader has to have a membership already, right?  If you don’t, I’m about to tell you why you should.  If you’re already a member, this list has some handy talking points that’ll be useful when it comes to bringing your friends over to the dark side.  Well, it is only called the dark side if you’re on something like an astronomy hike or if you’re a salamander spawn scout.  Otherwise it is more like the light, sun-dappled side.

  • There are many affordable options.  When I first heard about the membership, I thought it was going to be something like two hundred dollars, just like every other membership, dinner out, parking space, and latte in the Boston area.  But it is only $25 a year!  $40 for the entire family!
    Another option is the sustainer membership.  At $10/month it allows you to make over four times the impact at what remains a low monthly price point and low commitment.  Student and senior memberships are only $20 a year.  There are many more choices as well. Check them out!  If you’re a fox, a lady slipper, or a patch of lichen, you get free membership. (That, or watch for one of our frequent contests or raffles where we give one away.)
  •  Longevity.  You know how sometimes you contemplate buying a membership from a store but you’re afraid it will go out of business? Well, the park was established in 1894.  There is a very rich recorded history from the last several hundred years.   And geologists think much of it formed in the late Precambrian era. That’d be somewhere about 550 million years ago.  We’re not going anywhere!  At least, we don’t think so.  But your fee helps us with conservation efforts, so that’ll help us stick around another several million and beyond.
  • Diversity. This ain’t no elitist country club!  From our youngest Babes in the Woods members to our senior hike participants, from our relatively easy access from the city, from teachers to dog lovers, we have a wide variety of members.   And that’s not counting the BIODIVERSITY–the thousands of kinds of flora and fauna.
  • Perks and Discounts.  For a while we just kinda guilted you into a membership.  And with good reason, dammit!  We need to protect and conserve.
    But lately, we’ve been focusing on more and more benefits.  Forest kindergarten member registrants got a coupon.  We’re offering some members-only hikes, with convenient after-work timing or chairperson access.  We’re discussing things like potential merchandise discounts or special events.  What kind of membership perks would you like to see?
  • Support programs.  Our programming has grown a lot in the last few years and with your support it will only continue to grow.  What kinds of clubs, hikes, camps, clinics, or networking events would you like to see?  Be creative.
  • Make friends and build relationships.  Nearly every member I’ve talked to has made great new friends, whether it was through a hike or volunteering or a meeting.  Business partnerships have been forged.  Maybe even romance?  There are a lot of great proposal spots.
  • Communication.  From the newsletters, to the annual meetings, to the fact your funds give us more means to reach out to local media to help us spread the word, membership helps convey ideas and communicate progress and initiatives.
  • You’d just spend that $25 on impulse buys, anyway, right?  Put down those shoes or that coffee and spend it on a membership instead.  Or not.  It is affordable enough to swing both.  And you deserve life’s little pleasures.  One of life’s best little pleasures?  A stroll in nature.
  • One of the best perks of having a membership card?  There IS no membership card.  Nothing to keep track of, and it is a sustainable approach.  Of course if you want something tangible, make it practical.  Get useful merchandise here.
  • The last reason to get a Friends of the Fells membership?  You’d be lost without it!  I’m not talking metaphorically, although that is probably true, too.  You get a map with your membership, which will help you find your way around.  Plus, it helps support the Trail Adopter Program, which helps keeps trails clean, safe, and well-marked.

Ready for your membership? Join now.  Questions? Contact us here. If you’d prefer to talk to someone first, you can join at one of the booths we have at one of many local events, or most hike leaders can hook you up.
Finally?  This is just my (slightly irreverent) list.  What are your reasons for joining the Friends of the Fells? Comment and tell us here!


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