Thank You, Volunteers and Donors!

On February 1, we held our annual Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Party at the American Fresh Brewhouse on Assembly Row in Somerville.  An estimated 50 or so guests joined us for a well-deserved night of food, drink, and fun.

Gathering everyone together improves connections, facilitates future collaborations, and builds friendships.  Every year we’re impressed by the energy, the interest, and the genuine love for the Fells and the organization that we see at these get-togethers.  Whether you’ve been involved for a few weeks or a few decades (and each year there are always a handful of people from both contingents) we’re ever-thankful for your efforts and we love getting a chance to touch base–and relax–on a night that is all about fun and gratitude.

In addition to our valuable volunteers, we’d like to thank our sponsors at American Fresh Brewhouse, as well as individuals and businesses who donated prizes for the free raffles, including Trailsigns, Marathon Sports, and Natural Food Exchange.

Not a volunteer yet, but interested in becoming one?  Sign up here!