Presenting Friends of the Fells Chairman Jeff Buxbaum

We are excited to announce that Jeff Buxbaum has been elected new Chairman of the Friends of the Fells. We’d like to thank Bryan Hamlin and Bob Weggel for taking on Acting Chair roles during our leadership transitions this year and helping us move into this new stage.

Jeff Buxbaum tells us, “The Friends of the Fells has untapped potential to protect and preserve this forest gem that sits right in our backyard. Many dedicated members have devoted countless hours to this cause, with demonstrable effect. I’m looking forward to working with the board and staff to identify how our members can do the greatest possible good.“

Buxbaum and Interim Executive Director Ron Morin are pleased to announce the first round of a capacity building initiative designed to further broaden our foundation, build on the organization’s past and current successes, and to optimize work flow.

One of these changes includes Lindsay Beal stepping down from the board to assume the staff position of Volunteer Director. Other new part-time staff positions include Theresa Pluskey as Business Manager and Diana Lomakin as Babes in the Woods Leader. They will join Office Manager Cherylanne Petrunti, Youth Programs Director Ann Frenning Kossuth, Students of the Fells Director Nik Tower, and our many seasonal Forest Instructors. We welcome their skills, experience, and leadership in supporting Ron, Jeff, the rest of the Board of Directors, and the community at large in carrying out our mission of protecting the Fells, promoting awareness, and building policies and programs that honor and preserve the landscape and heritage of this public resource for current and future generations.

To help us invest in the Fells and retain the momentum of our past successes, please see our winter appeal.

All About Us is exactly the same as the Volunteer Spotlight, but with a focus on the Board of Directors and staff.  Many of you know us very well, but some of you only know us by name or title.  We love to get out in the community–and in the Middlesex Fells!–to meet you all in person.  But if we haven’t met you personally yet, or if you’d like some fun background, enjoy the profiles.

Introducing new board member Holly Lewis:

Name: Holly Lewis

Town: Melrose

Profession: Banker

Involved Since: 2017

Holly Tells Us:

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare

The Fells provide a stark contrast between man’s innovation and nature’s beauty. This contrast can be experienced on my favorite hike, the Skyline Trail, as you walk through the woods, mount boulders, and see the city in the distance. I am happiest when I am surrounded by trees, listening to the birds. Wilderness helps us understand ourselves, and gives us a perspective bigger than our individual, every-day problems. As a new transplant to the Northeast, I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with the Friends of the Fells. The Fells provide a way to rejuvenate the spirit and feel connected to nature. As a volunteer, I aim to pick up litter once a week. I look forward to continuing my exploration of the Fells and experiencing the change of the seasons.

Are you interested in a leadership role or perhaps future employment with The Friends of the Fells?  Contact us at Women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are especially encouraged.