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New Membership Option For 2015 – Become A Friends Of The Fells Monthly Sustainer

New Membership Option For 2015 – Become A Friends Of The Fells Monthly Sustainer

Photo by Kristin Shoemaker via our Flickr Group

During 2014, the Friends of the Fells made some big changes to the ways we interact with manage our members and supporters.  We launched our new website design, a complete overhaul from the ground up that makes finding our newest and most important content easier than ever.  We added online payment options, allowing our supporters to join or renew a membership, make a contribution, or pay for an event without needing to mail a check.  To start off 2015, we are announcing a new addition to this advancement in options for our members – monthly Sustainer Memberships.

You may have heard of Sustainer Memberships from other organizations, like NPR.  The basic idea is that instead of renewing your membership annually, you can become a Sustainer for a small amount each month and never need to worry about renewing.  Initially we are offering the Sustainer Membership for $10 a month.  In the future, we hope to add the ability to become a Sustainer Member at any greater monthly amount of your choice.  We think this new membership option will really be a win-win for the Friends and for our members.  Here are some of the benefits:

For you:

  • Small monthly contribution ($10) instead of one large payment annually. Your credit card will automatically be charged each month.
  • No need to renew.  No emails, letters, or any other reminders.  Your membership will never lapse or expire.
  • Make a larger annual, tax-deductible contribution to the support the Friends of the Fells, without a significant impact on your monthly budget.
  • You can cancel or go back to an annual membership at any time.
  • Our undying appreciation.

For us:

  • Sustainer members provide a steady, predictable source of funds. We can spend less time and money fundraising, and more on running the programs you love.
  • We can better plan and budget for the future, knowing that our Sustainers will be there.
  • No need to spend money on postage for membership renewal reminders, or staff or volunteer time processing renewals.
  • At $120 a year, Sustainers provide above average support so we can continue to add program and staff capacity, and do more to support the Fells.

Ready to become one of the very first Sustainer Members of the Friends of the Fells?  Just visit our Join page and select the Sustainer option as your membership level.  You can go through the membership set-up process like a new member, even if you currently have an active annual membership.  If you have previously used our online membership system to join or renew, you can also log-in to your member account to change your membership level to Sustainer.

Questions or comments about becoming a Sustainer Member?  Don’t hesitate to let us know.  Visit the Contact page for all of the ways you can reach us.

Thanks for your continued support.  The Friends of the Fells couldn’t exist without the dedication of our members.

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