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Summer Intern Shares his Reflections on working with the Friends of the Fells

Summer Intern Shares his Reflections on working with the Friends of the Fells

Nicholas Andreucci, a senior from Malden High School, did a wonderful job this summer working for the Friends of the Fells and we are grateful for his service. Below, he shares some reflections on his summer of service.

For myself, it was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to share each Thursday afternoon with Nic as he shadowed me. Highlights included setting up the Storybook Walk joined by my son Neil, DCR’s Barbara Bul’s, and Friends of the Fells Youth Director, Sarah Maisonneuve (see photos) on his last day, having Nic join me at the Community Conservation and Preservation Partnership meeting at Medford High School, and spending hours talking about baseball and football. Our many thanks are offered to the City of Malden’s Summer Youth Employment Program for allowing us the pleasure of working with a really terrific young man. I met many of the other students who were placed in jobs around the area at Malden’s summer’s end celebration and was most impressed with the quality youth involved in the program.



Nic, Sarah, and Barbara pose for a photo at trail’s end!


My experience working at the Friends of the Fells during the Summer of 2015 showed me how a local non-profit organization runs.   Working in three different areas of the organization showed me different perspectives of what the Friends of the Fells mission is. Prior to working at the Friends of the Fells, I knew that there were places to fish in the Middlesex Fells woods, but I had no idea of the other activities that you could do in the Middlesex Fells reservation.   Everyone I worked with was friendly and approachable. When I was given an assignment, I was given good directions on how to get it done.

One area I worked at was in the office in Melrose with Cherylanne. This work experience gave me insight into how a non-profit gets the funds it needs to operate. I learned that groups like this need the support of local donors and that without donations that the Friends of the Fells could not offer the programs it does to the residents in our community.

I also assisted Gillian from the DCR on her weekly Babes in the Woods and Hike and Seek hikes. This was a great learning experience for me because I got to see the various parts of the Middlesex Fells reservation that I had never seen before. It was nice to see kids and parents spending time together enjoying nature and learning about it at the same time. It also gave me a new perspective on the need to preserve the natural land, especially in an urban area.

I really enjoyed working with Neil Anderson, the Executive Director of the Friends of the Fells. It was interesting to see how a local non-profit can assist school departments in setting up curriculum and after school clubs to give HS students the chance to not only learn about nature to but experience it as well. Neil always emphasized to me the challenge of promoting the Middlesex Fells Reservation to residents in our community.   If more people visited and hiked the area, I’m sure that the Friends of the Fells would have many more supporters.  

The fact that I’m interested in studying environmental biology made me very lucky to be assigned to the Friends of the Fells for my Malden Summer Youth Employment job.


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