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School and Scout Programs

School and Scout Programs

Friends of the Fells collaborates with youth leaders, teachers, and administrators to develop educational, recreational, and/or service-learning programming in the Fells.

We will work with educators to design programs that provide students with opportunities to engage in unique “hands-on” learning in the Fells, in subjects ranging from ecology, to stewardship, to the arts, physical education, and many others.  Activities can include single events, regular weekly outings into the Fells, mentorships, or project-based science or service partnerships, depending upon the needs and resources available.

We also have volunteer opportunities available for school-aged young adults (middle to high school) yearlong– both outdoors in the Fells and in our office providing administrative support.

Periodically, we can provide professional development opportunities for teachers who wish to learn more about how to incorporate nature-based experiential learning into their curriculum.

If you are an educator or parent who would like to learn more about how to incorporate nature-based learning into your school’s curriculum, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator–