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Welcome To The All New!

Welcome To The All New!

Welcome to the all new! We are extremely excited to share with you some of the features of our new home on the web. All of the information you relied on from our old site is still here, but now there is so much more.  Here are just some of the new features:

1. Easier navigation has a lot to offer. We wanted all of the content to be easily visible from the home page, or any other page. Starting with the new home page, you probably noticed our all new slideshow navigation. The slideshow is where we will highlight our most important upcoming events and announcements. It’s also where you’ll find the most important links, like how to Join the Friends, make a donation, or volunteer. Every page on the site will also feature our new drop down menus to help you find the information you need. Mouse-over the main menu to see the options under each heading. You may even find something you didn’t know you were looking for!

Easier navigation doesn’t stop at the top! At the bottom of every page there is also a footer menu. From there you can access you favorite blog (more on that below), find events on our calendar, or sign-up for our monthly emails. Still not enough? Check out the side-bar on most pages and blog posts. There you will find links to the latest posts, a box to subscribe to our posts via email, and other important information we wanted to highlight.

2. More frequent updates

The Friends of the Fells have been busy in 2014. We have launched all new programs like Trail Adopters and Forest kindergarten, as well as expanding old favorites like Babes in the Woods. We have added new members to our Board of Directors and expanded the number of on-going volunteers. With all of this exciting news, we thought we needed a faster and easier way to share it with you.

The new is designed to make frequent blog entries a core part of the site. New content will be added at least weekly and will highlighted on the home page. Blog content will also be divided into categories, like News, Programs, Volunteers, and Nature, so you can easily focus on what interests you most. As we add new content, we will also share it on our Facebook page and in our monthly emails so that you’ll never miss something just because you don’t come to the site to look for what’s new.

3. Online Transactions

In this day and age, people expect to be able to do things instantly. That’s why we thought we needed a better way to accept membership applications and donations than asking you to mail us a paper form and a check. Our membership application is now online, and membership dues and donations can be paid with a credit card. If you’ve been holding out on becoming a Friends member because you didn’t want to mail a check, visit our Join page and start your membership today!

The new services you can take advantage of online don’t end with memberships and donations. We already used our new online systems to register participants for the upcoming Forest Kindergarten program. Soon, we will add an online store where you can purchase Friends of the Fells merchandise like T-shirts, maps, and more.

Liked things the old way? That’s okay too. We will still accept checks and paper forms just like we always have. These new systems are about adding choices, without taking away old ones.

4. More Photos, Your Photos

The Fells is a beautiful place. We love to look at photos of beautiful landscapes, interesting plants and animals, and people enjoying everything the Fells has to offer. That’s why we wanted to make photos an integral part of the experience on the new

There a few places you will find photos on the site. First, nearly every page and blog post will feature a prominent image as part of the header. We will also be including smaller photos throughout blog posts and pages to accompany the text content. Soon, we will begin adding photo galleries to highlight Friends programs and events. These galleries will be featured in blog posts to let you know when new photos are added, and they will be stored in a dedicated Photos section where you can go to view all the galleries at once.

Finally, we wanted a way for every one to share their Fells photos with us and with anyone who wants to see them. Flickr is one of the most popular and visually appealing photo sharing sites on the web. Best of all, Flickr offers the ability to form groups where anyone can join and share their photos. We want the Friends of the Fells Flickr group to be a place where anyone can share their Fells photos, and anyone who loves the Fells can see it through new eyes. All you need is a Yahoo account to log-in and start sharing photos today! We look forward to seeing what our amazing community has to offer.

5. The Features You Know and Love

We wanted the new to be a place that offered a lot of new ways to learn about and interact with the Friends of the Fells. What we didn’t want was for anyone to miss something that they relied on from the old site. Whatever you’re looking for, if it was on the old, it’s here too.

Our Events Calendar can be easily accessed from the drop-down menu, the right side-bar, or the footer at the bottom of the page. Links to information about how to make a donation can be found in the home page slider, the side-bar, or the drop-down menu. Want to volunteer? Click on the Volunteer links on the slider or the drop-down menus. If there’s something you’re looking for but you can’t find, let us know and we’ll point to where to find it.

We’re not done yet!

The great thing about the internet is that everything can be updated and improved upon every day. We recognize that this website is still a work in progress. In addition to the things mentioned above that will be added to the site in the coming weeks, we know there will be things we haven’t even thought of yet that will eventually become key functions of the site.

But we need your help to get this site to be the best that it can be. Found a broken link? Think something could be set-up better? Have an idea for a new page or feature? Let us know. You can use the submission form on our Contact Page or just send an email to our webmaster Noah Kaplan to share your suggestions (feel free to let him the things you like, too). Our goal is to make the site as useful as possible to our members and friends. But we can only do that if we’re hearing from you about what you want to see. So let us know!

What do you think about the all new

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