‘My Fells’ Project Submissions Update #1

Since the announcement of our ‘My Fells’ community expression project last month, several members of the Fells family have shared their inspiring words, pictures, and videos with us.  In doing so, they have provided us with a way to “share our shared love for the Fells” with all of you, as well!

We are very appreciative of all the submissions that have been shared with us so far!  If you would like to share a ‘My Fells’ submission with us, here’s how:

Tell us how YOU experience the Fells!

In one minute or less, using whatever media you like, share your own version of My Fells with us.  Use photos, video, poetry, prose.  Post it to your choice of a YouTube or Vimeo account, Facebook page, blog, website, online photo album, Google Drive or Dropbox folder and send us a link.

Send your submission to myfells@fells.org.


Here is the first collection of our My Fells submissions.  We hope that you will take as much inspiration from them as we do:


First, we have two video submission from our own Board President, Jeff Buxbaum of Medford.  The first video was Jeff’s original inspiration for the project, created in 2015:


And here, another, more recent video submission created by Jeff:


Next, Lewis Dalven and Shelly Schou from Arlington shared their thoughts on the Fells in prose form:

I discovered the Middlesex Fells during this time of the pandemic.  It has served as a refuge and sanctuary on many mornings that I have been taking morning walks there.  I grew up in the middle of NH and was spoiled being around beauty so much of my life. I have been in the Boston area for the past 9 years and had not yet found the beauty like I discovered at the Fells. The discovery came at a much needed time.

— Shelley Schou

Since the CV pandemic began, my twice weekly visits to the Fells have been my main source of exercise, commune with nature time, and have helped to keep me balanced and hopeful.  Fellow visitors…families with kids, walkers, runners, and bikers alike, have shown consideration, good cheer, and courtesy without fail.  The greening of the foliage, the songs of birds and frogs, sounds of running streams all help to put worry at a remove.  Our Fells are a treasure always, and especially now.

— Lewis Dalven

Next, we have a series of black and white photographs of the Fells shared with us by Joel Moses:
[Click on the thumbnails to enlarge]
These photographs are a just a small sample of his collection that he has amassed from across the Middlesex Fells over the past several years.

And last, here is another video submission by long time Friends member Bob Ghika.  This video also features Friends of the Fells volunteer, botanist, and hike leader Walter Kittredge leading a group on the trails near Bear Hill.  Also taking part in the video are former Fells Executive Director Mike Ryan and Dr. Bryan Hamlin, both longtime board members and Fells experts.
Bob’s video was created nearly a decade ago (give or take), and is well over our one-minute threshold, but we felt it entirely appropriate to include here with these submissions:
[Click the picture below to open the video in a new tab.  Note: the link brings you to an external site.]
Bear Hill by Bob G.

Bear Hill by Bob G.

For more videos like this one, visit our new YouTube channel, where new content is being added weekly!