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Meet the Youth Crew!

Meet the Youth Crew!

Check out this great photo of our current main children’s hike leaders, although there are other hike leaders who regularly drop in and substitute, and seasonal interns.
From left to right:  Dennis Crouse, Mike Melendez, DCR Interpretive Ranger Gillian Badwan, Laurie Anderson, and Diana Lomakin.  Their main focus is Babes in the Woods and Hike and Seek, but they also help with field trips, other pop-up family hikes, youth events, and more.  This also does not include those who focus on the older high school and college students, such as Charles Saulnier, who leads the Mustangs of the Fells at Medford High School.

Most of these people are volunteers, but your support still helps us greatly.  We can purchase supplies, from microspikes for our winter hikes, to trekking sticks, spare carriers, educational materials, and more.  With less time fundraising and more time and resources for outreach, we can reach more youth, from those at our Forest Kindergarten (which just enjoyed its second very successful year) to the college field service days, and everything in between.  And of course conservation of the Fells affects users of all ages.

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