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Learning to love the woods

Learning to love the woods

Hello! My name is Sarah Trinh and I’m a summer intern for the Friends of the Middlesex Fells. I’ve been helping out with the Hike ‘n’ Seek and Babes in the Woods programs.

Before this, I haven’t been out in the woods much. The last time had been running around with some friends at Pine Banks for a school trip a couple of years ago. I’ve been going out to the Fells every week for the hikes and if weren’t for that, I’m not sure when I would have next gone out into this kind of place.

At first, the hikes were tiring because of the heat, and especially because I’d never been on a proper hike before. The amount of mosquitoes initially got to me at first (I’m like this mosquito magnet that attracts them all) but after a while I just stopped caring about being bitten all the time. Because I was going out into the woods so much, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and become used to climbing around on rocks and walking around on high ground with many loose rocks. It’s now an enjoyable experience for me, one that I’d take if I had the chance. longpond

Being in the Fells is wonderful. You get to really see the beauty of nature here. It’s in the middle of several urban cities, but it feels as if you’re not even near the city. It’s a great place for taking a relaxing walk. The forest’s scent is very refreshing and boosts your energy. There are many spots to snap a picture showing it off.


The children who come along with us have a ton of fun, always laughing and smiling when they make a new discovery. They find things that we as older people, wouldn’t have found without their curiosity. I love seeing how happy they are when they do, and share it with the others. They’ve found an owl, a duck, a worm, a crayfish, some Indian Pipe, ant nests, Daddy Long Legs, caterpillars, and the list goes on and on…


Sarah Trinh



Sarah Trinh is 16 years and attends Malden HS.   She came to us through the Malden Youth Employment Program, and helped co-lead Babes in the Woods and Hike ‘n Seek this summer.


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