June Volunteer Spotlight

Originally from New Jersey, Hobbit currently resides in North Reading where he has lived for 30 years. Hobbit enjoys working with computers and all things tech. He was in the computer and network security space for many years and is also interested in areas such as laser-show tech, theater lighting and sound, and electric cars. In 2005, Hobbit bought his first hybrid car and has been driving a hybrid or full-electric car ever since.

Hobbit is also a long-time barefooter. “I simply don’t need or want shoes anymore because my feet have reached a state that nature wants them to be,” Hobbit says about walking barefoot. One of his favorite things about walking without shoes in the woods is what he calls the “rich symphony of textures underfoot.”

Hobbit got involved with Friends of the Fells (FOF) just under a year ago, when he started leading hikes. Before leading hikes with FOF, Hobbit had previous experience leading hikes with the Friends of Harold Parker State Forest. He has been volunteering with Friends of Harold Parker for six years now, where he helps lead hikes every Wednesday and has helped with their annual 5k trail race.

Some of Hobbit’s favorite parts of leading hikes are meeting new people and getting to show folks parts of the Fells they have never been to before. He cares deeply about preserving our forests and greenspaces, and he wants to help teach others how to enjoy and protect them. Hobbit’s favorite spots in the Fells are the high rock peaks. He loves scrambling over big rocks, so he spends a lot of time on the Rock Circuit and Skyline trails. Hobbit is also interested in the historical aspects of the Fells and tries to remember what he learns and share it with his hike participants.

For anyone interested in volunteering, Hobbit has some advice for folks interested in leading their own hikes: “Go out with your map and GPS app and take a few loops on your own.”

Thank you, Hobbit, for all that you do for the Fells!

If you are interested in learning more and getting involved, please reach out to friends@fells.org, complete the Volunteer Application, or keep an eye on our calendar here for upcoming volunteer events.