Fells Forest Camp: “Joyful, proud, covered in dirt”

Guided by our team of nature-loving camp counselors, more than 500 children joined Fells Forest Camp this summer to seek out insects and bugs, dig and sift through dirt, climb trees, build fairy houses and forts, and explore areas of the Fells they might not otherwise get to experience.

“My children came home from camp joyful, proud, and covered in dirt,” said one parent. “They loved the freedom to explore, the connections with fellow campers, and the experience of seeing the Fells through a fresh lens each day.”

During eight one-week sessions, campers experienced the Fells in a way that helps nurture their sense of wonder and curiosity about the forest and encourages children to form meaningful connections with nature. 

Another parent shared: “This was my son’s first year at the Fells camp and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The counselors were warm and engaging while still giving the kids space to explore, play freely, and have fun without [an] agenda. They were curious along with the kids, promoted both safety and independence, and my son was excited to return each day!”

“This is the type of camp that harkens back to a simpler time,” said Liz Cohen, Friends of the Fells Camp and Youth Development Director. “Campers do not have access to any form of technology while at camp. The woods act as a playground, classroom, and inspiration for curiosity and discovery.”

We hope nurturing these connections and deepening children’s understanding of the role humans play in either protecting or harming the forest will encourage children to become future leaders and stewards of the environment.

Friends of the Fells looks forward to hosting next year’s camp and welcoming back our campers! Registration will open in March of 2023. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to receive timely updates and information.