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Two Visions of The Fells

Which vision of the future of the Fells do you share?

Dear Friends,

Fourteen years ago, a developer bought the former hospital site on Woodland Road across from Spot Pond and released plans to build an enormous office complex.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Such a huge project surrounded by Fells parkland would overwhelm the Spot Pond district and communities with thousands of new daily traffic trips; would require conversion of Fells historic parkways into dense traffic carrying arteries; and would threaten the eastern Fells continuation as an oasis for peaceful enjoyment of nature.

In the face of the severity of these threats the Friends of the Fells alerted the public and began building a campaign for the state to require appropriately scaled development.

Thanks to your support the Fells protection campaign has achieved major successes!

Over the years, thousands of public comment letters led to state Environmental Affairs rulings requiring the developers to file a MEPA report identifying a smaller project to reduce impacts to historic parkways and open spaces of the Fells.

What Others See

What Others See

But instead of submitting a MEPA report on the current “Langwood Commons” project, and impacts from still an additional 4,500 daily traffic trips, the developers attempted to remove the project from environmental impact review. So in 2009, the Friends took legal action challenging the developers’ efforts to evade MEPA jurisdiction.

We took the issue all the way to the Supreme Judicial Court and won.

In 2011, the state Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Superior Court is required to consider the merits of our claim must be heard in Superior Court.  That was the first step. The hearing that the SJC required took place on July 29th and a decision is expected in the coming months.  A favorable court decision would require completion of environmental review of the project’s impacts.  We ask for your help so we will be prepared for whatever new challenges may occur as the result of the court’s ruling

Your donation today can help us ensure that whatever is built on the former hospital site is in harmony with the nature of the Middlesex Fells.

Your contribution will ensure that the Friends are able to pay down this long campaign’s legal expenses and help keep us on a firm footing to continue our year-round Fells nature programming for people of all ages.  Thank you for supporting all efforts to ensure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy the fabulous wild nature of the Fells as the urban oasis that it currently represents.

Make your contribution the Friends of the Fells summer campaign now! Thank you.

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