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Take a Deep Look: Casting About for Citizen Scientists

Take a Deep Look: Casting About for Citizen Scientists

Haliaeetus leucocephalus at Mystic Lakes (© George Mclean)


“Time for the Annual Herring Run” announces Mystic River Watershed Association

“Anyone looking for me?” asks curious Clupea

The Friends of the Fells would like to share the following seasonal environmental notice from local environmental group Mystic River Watershed Association

Each spring over 1/2 million river herring migrate from the ocean up the Mystic River to the Mystic Lakes and to Horn Pond. If lined up back-to-back, this would measure up to 100 miles of fish! They can make it up to Horn Pond thanks to fish ladders installed at the Mystic Lakes Dam in Medford and Center Falls dams in Winchester.

The more we know about the river herring, the better equipped we are to advocate for a clean and healthy Mystic River, and for this unique species and the wildlife it supports (you can thank the river herring for the return of the Bald Eagles to the Mystic Lakes–they’re a great food source for eagles).

You are invited to participate in this wildlife migration by monitoring the herring with the Mystic River Watershed Association. Some basics about the program:

  • What will you be doing? Counting fish as they pass through the Mystic Lakes fish ladder OR counting fish as they swim up the spillway at Horn Pond
  • Where does monitoring take place? You can monitor at Mystic Lakes Dam in Medford or at Horn Pond in Woburn.  This year MyRWA has a pressing need for herring monitors at Horn Pond, only a 9-minute drive from the Mystic Lakes and less than 2½ miles from the Middlesex Fells Reservation (see map).
  • When does monitoring occur? Monitor for 10 minutes during an hour of your choosing from April-June. If you can’t attend a week, MyRWA will find a substitute.
  • How do I become a monitor? Complete the registration form and attend a training on April 6th. If you can’t attend the training there will be a makeup session!
  • Questions? Contact Erica Wood.  Watch 1-minute video by clicking YouTube link.

Herring monitor at work


Friends of the Fells

Friends of the Fells

The Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation is dedicated to the protection and harmonious use of the Fells; promoting awareness, policies and programs to honor and preserve the ecological, historical and recreational resources of this urban forest reservation.
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