Activity Liability Release

Friends of the Middlesex Fells

Activity Liability Release for Hike ‘n’ Seek and Babes in the Woods

I agree to hold harmless the Friends of the Fells, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, their employees, agents, hike leader(s), and any other person officially connected with this event from any and all liability for damage or loss of personal property, sickness, injury, or death which might occur while participating in this event.  I am aware of the risks of participation and state that I and my child are in sufficient physical condition to accept this level of activity.  I understand that my participation in this event is voluntary and that I freely choose to participate.

COVID-19 Rules:

• Visitors must adhere to all site-specific rules, regulations, and posted signage regarding permitted uses.

• On trails, walkers and hikers should move aside and leave room for others to pass, and cyclists and runners should alert other users when approaching and wait for others to step aside before passing.

• After visiting public spaces, users should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

• Anyone who fails to adhere to the rules will be asked to leave the group.

By clicking the box I indicate that I have read and understand the above statement and agree to the terms as stated.