A New Year’s Walk

by Brian DeLacey

Brian and his family share with us their first hike of 2019, featuring great weather, encounters with like-minded local residents, and reflections on a beautiful corner of the City of Malden!  Be sure to check out Brian’s links for some gorgeous photography of his ‘First Day’ in the Fells!

I had a chance to take a family walk in the Fells this beautiful New Year’s Day. I wanted to convey what a wonderful spot this is in the City of Malden. I also wanted to thank DCR and the various state agencies and non-governmental organizations who keep this resource open, accessible and enjoyable all year long.

The nearly 40 acres we circumnavigated today is entirely within Malden (starting at “Jerry Jingle Road”) in the northwest corner of Malden. We have a remarkable park and forest right in the city. As one person noted, “it is the best backyard anyone could have!”

There were lots of people we bumped into along the trails. Some said they had been visiting there for 30 years. One said that – moments earlier – they spotted two white tail deer. Others were walking dogs. One true hiker sailed past at a fast pace, bounding over rocks. Another mentioned what a terrific resource it is. We paused at Boojum Rock with its fresh air and majestic view of Malden and Boston.

We saw parents with school age kids. One infant was along for a ride with dad. It was encouraging to hear the joyous banter of youngsters in the distance as we navigated to the MIT Observatory.

DCR added new signs and trail markers “recently”, making it a much easier place to find your way around than a couple years ago. The grounds were clean and natural.

A history of the MIT Observatory is in a 60 page document with trail guides and other information, along with photos of the Fells at http://www.maldenhistory.org/Fells/. My “first day” photos are at http://www.maldenhistory.org/Fells/2019_01_01-WalkInTheFells/all.html.

This is one of Malden’s best kept secrets. My hope is that – during the next year – more of our residents will find the time, opportunity and information to enjoy this natural resource in our midst.

Happy New Year 2019!