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Seasonal Appeal 2015

Seasonal Appeal 2015

Dear Friends,

Summer is a time for relaxing outdoors, reconnecting with nature, and the Friends of the Fells’ Summer Appeal. The money we raise during this campaign supports a range of programs and stewardship that impacts lives all year. Lindsay Beal, a program participant, volunteer, and newly elected member of our Board of Directors recently wrote the following to us:

The lure of the Middlesex Fells sealed the deal when we chose to settle down in the area. Many of our members tell us the same thing. What about you? The region’s overall family friendly reputation became relevant to us when our first daughter arrived on the scene six years ago. I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life, so my interests naturally led me to the Babes in the Woods program. Its intent is to give parents an opportunity to connect with each other, exercise, and give their children an early introduction to nature and the Fells. Through our participation in the Babes program and association with the Friends, we have had fun, formed friendships, and connected to our community. The Babes program, like many Friends offerings, strikes the perfect balance between recreation and a just-right nudge toward stewardship.

 We moved here with a deep passion and appreciation for the outdoors and our involvement with the Friends has strengthened this lifelong relationship. The Friends of the Fells experts in wildlife, plants, geology, freshwater science, birds, history, and education have enhanced our knowledge of the world and the natural treasures that exist in our backyard. These leaders have helped us mentor our daughters. They have reminded us to be stewards and caretakers of our environment. They have enabled our daughters to have a special relationship with nature and to become self-directed, exploratory learners- an experience that no traditional classroom could ever provide. I know firsthand that many others have been similarly inspired!

 Years ago, when I began that first trail loop I did not realize it would turn into a much deeper journey. My role within the organization has significantly changed. I’ve gone from program participant to member to volunteer.   I have had the opportunity to participate as an organization advisor, hike leader, and grant writer. I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to join the Friends of the Fells Board of Directors and hope to influence the growth of the organization through the development of more high quality programs. I am certain that we will continue impact and change lives in profound ways.

 We need your help to ensure we have many more stories such as Lindsays to share in the year ahead. Any amount you are able to contribute is gratefully appreciated and will make a world of difference! With your investment we will:

  • Improve Accessibility for individuals with disabilities by working with our local DCR office on ways to enhance ADA access.
  • Create a new generation of leaders by developing a service and advocacy based leadership program for area adolescents.
  • Expand youth programming by launching an afterschool program.
  • Provide ongoing care and maintenance of Fells trails by expanding the Trail Adopter Program.
  • Increase reach and impact with programs focused on expanding our membership base.
  • Protect the Reservation by leading efforts to right-size the proposed Langwood Commons development.


Please send your tax-deductible contribution today to help us protect and enhance the Fells Reservation to:

Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation, 235 West Foster Street, Melrose, MA 02176


You may also donate online at


Neil O. Anderson–Executive Director

Rich Sanford–Board Chair






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