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Support The Future Of The Friends And Your Contribution Will Be Tripled!

Support The Future Of The Friends And Your Contribution Will Be Tripled!

What we wanted in the Fells was a bit of Nature in our midst that we might watch its workings…we wanted dark, crowded places, even jungles, that we might press through them and come out upon wild pictures which we had never dreamed were there.

Ellen Wright, Daughter of Elizur Wright, 1906

Contribute to the Friends today and have your contribution matched 2:1 – Every dollar you gives becomes three!

Dear Friend,

We need YOU! Our accomplishments are possible only with the generous support of people like you! With your help, this past year the Friends of the Fells has been able to offer more programs connecting families, adults, and children to the beauty of the Fells.

This past year the Friends:

  • Recruited 163 new families to participate in our weekly family hikes program.
  • Partnered with community groups for two Fells “Storybook Walks,” attracting participants from 17 towns.
  • Partnered with DCR to launch our extremely popular summer “Forest Kindergarten” program.
  • Collaborated with the Medford High School Community Conservation Education Partnership to further the school headmaster’s goal of creating “outdoor classrooms” for students to learn in and from the Fells.
  • Organized Cub Scout, Boy Scout, high school, church, and university volunteer groups for several productive Fells clean up days.
  • Worked with DCR to create a Fells “Adopt-a-Trail” program for individual, family, and group trail monitoring and maintenance.
  • Established the R.J. Weggel Friends of the Fells Endowment Fund to enhance our financial security.
  • Completed a multi-month Friends capacity building consulting project with the Executive Service Corps.
  • Launched a redesigned website featuring a regularly updated blog, as well as online membership application, and secure online donation options.

In the year ahead, the Friends will embark on a bold new course, and we are asking for your contribution to support this exciting transition! Any amount you can contribute will make a world of difference!

In the next year with your help, the Friends of the Fells will:

  • Hire a new Executive Director following Mike Ryan’s retirement.
  • Create a series of self-guided hikes, allowing visitors to learn about the Fells through informative trailside way stations.
  • Expand the “Adopt-a-Trail” program to help provide clearer trail markings and improved visitor trail experiences.

Your tax-deductible gift of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or more can make all the difference to the Friends, our volunteers, and all who visit the incomparable Fells Reservation!

Even better, thanks to a generous Fells supporter, your contribution right now will be matched 2:1 – EVERY DOLLAR you give BECOMES THREE! Please contribute right now to help us maximize this incredible opportunity before it’s gone.

Thank you!

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