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Wright’s Tower

Wright’s Tower

Wright's Tower SunriseWright’s Tower was constructed in 1937 under the direction of the Works Progress Administration.  In 2008, following restoration of the tower by DCR, a plaque commemorating the visionary who was responsible for the creation of the Fells was attached to the tower.  The inscription reads:

“The years of whose unceasing labor was the natural foundation of the Metropolitan Park System, and whose aim was that the Middlesex Fells should be forever preserved as a People’s Forest Park.”
Daughter Ellen Wright in a letter to the Board of the Metropolitan Park Commission in 1896.

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      1. Jesse MacDonald

        Hi Frank,

        The tower is usually opened on weekends, per the availability of a DCR ranger to unlock the door. The most reliable way to find out about the schedule for Wright’s Tower (or for any other Fells access questions) is to call the DCR Botume House Visitor Center before you visit: 617-727-1199 x406

        Thanks for your question,

        Jesse MacDonald
        Operations Associate
        Friends of the Fells

        1. Joshua D Dobbelaar

          I submit that this information, specifically about access to the interior of Wright’s Tower, deserves a presence in the Visitor Information area; it should not be left hidden among a thread of comments.

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