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We need your voice, Join us on Thursday October 15th

We need your voice, Join us on Thursday October 15th

This Thursday, October 15th, we are hosting a very important meeting at Memorial Hall in Melrose. The proposed Langwood Commons Development on 5 Woodland Road in Stoneham (old hospital sight) is something the Friends along with 10 citizens has been challenging in the courts since 2009.

At present, Langwood Commons is a proposed mixed use development project at the old hospital site on Woodland Road in Stoneham that will create 310 Residential units; 225,000 square foot commercial office space and generate an additional 4,500 additional daily traffic trips to Middlesex Fells Reservation parkways and nearby communities. Numerous state environmental (MEPA) reviews and the Massachusetts Historical Commission on the planned projects have required that the developers present a smaller project that can be built without negative traffic impacts to area roadways and Middlesex Fells Reservation parkland. The developers are still refusing to submit their project to the public environmental review process.  In response, the Friends of the Fells and area residents filed suit asking the Superior Court to find that damage to the environment will occur because extensive parkway modifications would be inevitably needed to alleviate traffic problems if the redevelopment built at its current scale; at present, the Friends’ and the citizens’ court case is pending in the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

The goal of the Friends of the Fells, numerous environmental groups, political officials, and many thousands of area residents is that the project proposal be required to complete environmental review so that whatever is built at the old hospital site will not require adverse alterations to the scenic and historic parkways and not impact the public’s ability to safely enjoy the Reservation.

A flier is attached. Please share this information with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We need to hear the voice of the community as we continue to advocate for a project proposal that is right for the Middlesex Fells Reservation and the neighborhoods and communities surrounding Woodland Road.

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