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Stamp Your “Passport to the Fells” – Win a Friends T-shirt!

Stamp Your “Passport to the Fells” – Win a Friends T-shirt!

We are excited to announce a brand-new program, Passport to the Fells.  Building on the success of our recent Storybook Walks, this is another self-guided hiking program to get you out and exploring new parts of the Fells.  This program allows you to follow instructions to locate a hidden object.  So basically, it’s a treasure hunt!  Read on to find out more.

How it works:

We have created four different self-guided hikes throughout the Fells, each of which leads to a hidden letterbox (What?! You’ve never heard of letterboxing?!? That’s okay.  Read more here). Inside each box, you will find a unique rubber stamp, an inkpad, and a notebook and pencil. When you discover each letterbox, you can stamp your FoF Passport (see below).  We would also love for you to leave your mark in the notebook by signing or stamping and writing the name of your town.

While it is possible to complete this activity by simply following the written instructions provided for each hike, it is strongly recommended that you bring a map of the Fells and use it to follow your route. Many of the trails in the Fells are not marked, and the instructions refer to several trails that are only labeled on the map. Having a map will help prevent you from getting lost, and will go a very long way toward orienting you if you do become lost. Maps are free with a Friends of the Fells annual membership or you can find out where to get one on our Maps page. While you can get a map other ways, please remember that we are not publicly funded, and your contribution for a membership allows us to keep programming like this free to the community.

How you can win:

To celebrate the launch of this new program, we will give a free Friends of the Fells t-shirt to the first 10 hikers to stamp all four pages in their passports! All you have to do is email Sarah, our youth programs director, with pictures of yourself holding each of your stamped passport pages. We would also love to hear comments and/or stories about your adventures in the Fells!

How to make your Passport:

First, print your passport pages and the written instructions for one of the four hikes below:

The pages are designed to be printed 2-sided, and are labeled accordingly. Here’s how you prep the passport booklet:

Step 1. After printing the pages double sided, cut both pages in half along the solid horizontal line.
Step 2. Stack the pages in the following order (the numbers are the pages facing up): Page 1/14 on the bottom, then 3/12, then 5/10, and 7/8 on top.
Step 3. Fold the pages in half toward you, so the cover is on the outside.
Step 4. Your Passport to the Fells is complete! Staple the folded edge to keep the pages together.

Happy Hunting!

Sarah Maisonneuve

Sarah Maisonneuve

Sarah is the Youth Program Director for Friends of the Fells. She holds a BSc in Biology and is currently finishing her PhD in Ecology. Sarah has extensive experience developing and coordinating outreach programs, and she is passionate about connecting children with nature.
Sarah Maisonneuve

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