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Hope to See Your at Our Annual Meeting, May 7th

Hope to See Your at Our Annual Meeting, May 7th

Dear Friends of the Fells Members and Supporters,

I am very excited to be joining our team of bloggers. It is my objective to provide some great forums to share valuable information, resources, and insights with our new Executive Director’s blog.

Many of you who are taking the time to read this post have likely received an invitation to our upcoming Annual Meeting and I am excited to have the opportunity to meet many of the members of our community who support us.

This meeting will be exciting on several fronts:

1) It will be my first Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation Annual Meeting and present me with a wonderful opportunity to at long last meet many of our valued friends and supporters!

2) We will be celebrating the history of the Middlesex Fells and featuring the authors of an important new book, Middlesex Fells, as authors Doug Heath and Alison Simcox highlight the history of the creation of the Fells Reservation.

3) We will have the opportunity to look back, not just at our history, but at our many successes in the prior year while also looking ahead at the year ahead! It is with great anticipation I look forward to share what we hope to accomplish in the years ahead.

4) We will be recognizing the many contributions of our supporters whether they be donors, members, or volunteers whose contributions really fuel the Friends of the Fells and deserve to be celebrated!

Please join us. We are expecting a full house and have limited capacity. I ask that you kindly take the time to RSVP.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, May 7th 2015

Location: The Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Road Winchester, MA (located near Winchester Center)

Time: 7pm until 9pm

In the meantime, I hope to see many of you on the trails as we prepare for the many wonders of Spring!

My best,



Neil O. Anderson

Executive Director


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